The mind is very erotic indeed…

SEX w/ Annie


when I saw this post from A.D. Woods I just had to post.

I mean using your mind to awaken her sexual senses can be very erotic.

I say this because men need that visual picture.

Women need touch, taste, sounds, scent and a blindfold to get aroused. And guys please go slow. Touch her as if you were touching a delicate flower. If you do this she will come around faster then you ever thought she could.

Also remember, she is not a porn star! She doesn’t get paid to have sex. She isn’t in front of a camera making a boat load of money. She isn’t faking it while getting fucked by two or three men and waiting for some director to yell cut.

She is your woman! She’s the soft beautiful woman that you love.

By doing these small but very important things you’ll find that she…

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