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Dr.'s couch

John was famished after skipping dinner last night. He put on some shorts and a tee shirt as his stomach grumbled. Once he had on his flip-flops and room key he made his way to the continental buffet waiting downstairs. His stomach audibly complained as he almost jogged, he felt as he was twenty years younger. The stress of concealing the affair and hiding his feelings for Annie had drained him more than he knew and now that weight had lifted. John felt as if he was a teenager with his first girlfriend.

He could smell the toast and cinnamon rolls when he walked in the lobby and spied the hot table in the corner. He grabbed a paper plate and chose a cinnamon roll and then drew some coffee from the machine dispensing that and hot water. As he was alone he chose to stand at the end of the server and stuffed the roll and sipped his coffee to wash it down, the food looked fresh but was a bit dry and kind of stale. John looked around at the maroon and gold carpet and tan walls, it was not very fancy, but he was free, and if the rolls were a little stale he could care less. Soon the coffee was down half-way and he topped it off and went back to his room.

John took out his notepad back at the room and reviewed the notes he took last night on the annuities he would be presenting to Mr. Summerlin. It was obvious he had worked later than he should have when he tried to decipher his notes which were rife with scribbled half-thoughts. It took him a while to get back to his train of thought, but he managed. The appointment was a one o’clock so he had plenty of time to laze around and even got a power nap in. By noon he was dressed and calling a taxi to take him on the $20 tour.

By the time the presentation was over and had left Mr. Summerlin he was happy and hurried back to his room to call Annie. He rang Annie’s cell, but was relegated to voicemail and he assumed she was busy. John decided to cool his heels and relax. Tomorrow’s flight left at quarter to eight in the morning and he did not relish the thought of sleepwalking the airport. He showered and laid down to an almost instant sleep. He must have been thinking about his meeting with Mr. Summerlin because he dreamt he was at the bank making a $6,000 deposit, which was a thousand short of his meetings gross, but he must have done the math and deducted the travel overhead.

He woke up at nine and considered where to eat and since it was getting late he chose a few drinks in the lounge next door to the motel. He walked in and grabbed a stool at the bar and ordered a Rum and Coke. The bartender was a young lady who appeared in her twenties or thirties. The older he got most women seemed to be too young and once they were obviously too young he had trouble approximating how much as they were all kids now. He had a couple of drinks and nursed the second watching the bartender work, she was cute, but 20 years too young for serious ogling. After the second cocktail he walked back to the motel room and turned on the television to fall asleep listening the local Atlanta eleven o’clock news.

John woke at six by his travel alarm and took a shower, gathered his things and called a taxi for the ride to the airport. He boarded the flight at 8:30 and arrived in Boca Raton at 9:45 which would give him plenty of time to study the Peterson file. The Peterson’s had been clients of his for ten years, but he needed to know their investments as well as his own and find how his tax-free annuity could fit in their plans.

John got a taxi to the “Days Inn” by the airport and checked in. Once his suits were hanging on the rack and the toiletries were on the bathroom sink he put on a fresh pair of shorts and sat down to the Peterson file. He had skipped breakfast and by two was ready for lunch. He looked out his window and saw a strip mall across the street and assumed a restaurant hid there in the building because the sign was not facing him, but instead faced the traffic flow on the street. John put on some flip-flops and headed to a late lunch.

The restaurant was a pizza shop and he ordered a salad to go with ranch dressing which he took back to the motel room. As John walked up to the motel he heard some frolicking at the pool, somebody’s kids were howling and laughing and although he could not tell what they were saying it sounded fun so he headed to the pool to eat his lunch.

The pool did have several families in the water and some tables with umbrellas to the side. He chose the one furthest from the pool and set his Styrofoam bowl of salad out with paper napkin and plastic fork. He dumped the dressing on his salad and began to eat. While he ate he took in the view and liked the scene. Young mothers lay by the pool in loungers with some who were red and sunburned while others glistened tanned and brown, but all a generation behind his. The sun’s bright white glare was harsh and it’s heat sweltering, but his food was cold and he was dressed to sweat. Everyone was wet around him, some from the pool and others from the sun and swelter.

The kids were carefree and the mothers seemed happy to be safe and let them run wild, which John could appreciate being a parent and now a grandparent. The freedom of the children inspired him to consider his new found freedom and fun times ahead. He finished his salad and took off for his room to call Annie leaving behind the fun-loving crowd and their lenient keepers to enjoy the sun and swelter, he had enough for now.

Once in his room he grabbed his phone and sat on the bed to call Annie, but once again received the voice mail. John left a brief message that conveyed a greeting and welcomed a return call if she got a chance and then put the romance in the back of his mind and thought about his 7:00 pm appointment. The Peterson’s had made modest to medium gains, but would be interested in the tax-free aspects of the annuity program and by 6:30 John was on the way to his presentation at their house.

When John arrived he was met at the door by Jennifer Peterson who was an attractive brunette in her mid-forties and once inside she explained her husband Jim would be out of town, but she could invest without him. This seemed peculiar and John went along since he had no other choice and as long as she closed it really did not matter, it was just he had clarified he would like a time when both of the couple could be present. He sat on the couch and spread out some brochures from the company he would be selling from on the glass coffee table and proceeded to explain the program he had for her.

When he began Jennifer seemed a little uncomfortable, but a minute later offered him a drink and he passed. He kept talking as she made herself a soda and something and after some ice from a bucket at the homes dry bar she sat back down on the couch and picked up a brochure as John talked his spiel.

They discussed the rates and investment graph, ROI and length of term versus rate of return. She chose a twenty year plan for half of her expenditure and invested the rest in a ten-year plan which was modest but liquid in a decade and she needed that flexibility more than capital when she was 67 years-old. Jennifer relaxed as John filled out his forms and drained her drink. John closed his transaction and Jennifer offered him another chance at a cocktail and with the sales pressure off he felt free to accept.

“Jim is not home much anymore John, he is always out of town”

“I am on the road a lot myself Jennifer, times require me to go wherever the leads take me.”

When Jennifer sat down it seemed to John a she got a little closer than before and as she handed him his drink it dawned on him he could reach it from her new spot, she had innocently closed the gap to drink with him so he tried to drag his mind out of the gutter. She was attractive and less than ten-years younger than himself and the obvious seemed clear when she put her hand on his leg and asked him the next zinger.

“John, are you a heartless slut like Jim?” Jennifer had a perfect smile, brilliant and sincere as her green eyes twinkled.

That blew John’s mind right out his ears and his mind raced between the gutter and the door. Jim was a friendly guy and the couple had always been nice so John never imagined the evening would go where it seemed to be heading.

“Are you and Jim having problems?”

“Jim is moving out, but that is not a problem, just a fact of life” Jennifer had a slight smile as her eyes intelligently surveyed John’s actions and seemingly read his thoughts.

John considered it funny how fast life can change and in less than five minutes Jennifer’s peach tennis shorts were on the floor next to her feet and so was John. She was perfect and in her prime and a woman who knew what she wanted and where she could find it. John was old enough to know when nature called to answer without hesitation and he naturally obeyed the call.

As john slid her panties to the side exposing his delight with a smile on his lips and eyes he thought about home, but no, Julia was watching “Wheel of Fortune” he concluded. With his mind clear of that thought he joyfully began to replicate what Annie would tell him to do for her if she was there. Crap, now he was thinking about Annie, but not for long once Jennifer started pushing his face tighter to her crotch. As she gradually pushed harder and started to grind him he slowed his actions and drew out the foreplay.

Jennifer’s panting escalated to moaning dirty little urgings and as the tongue motion slowed to a leisurely lick she became loud and demanding, then begged for release and John knew to stay the course until she exploded, which was not very long after the groaning began. As she relaxed he never lost his rhythm and soon she pushed him on his back and loosened his belt. With urgent dexterity that only a wife of twenty years can possess she effortlessly dropped his pants over his knees and John and Jennifer began round two of the foreplay. Now Jennifer was on top and in a better position to control that sneaky dog John, and he was going to pay a little homage himself, she doubted he would make it past the licking.

This was all new for John, he was going all the way and he was up for the challenge, more than Jennifer could have possibly imagined. Surprisingly, John eventually survived the excitement and regained the top position, and the big boy sex was on.