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Dr.'s couch

“Doctor, this was the beginning of romance that I never imagined, an affair that changed my life. Aunt Annie dominated me that night and I respected her power. Later I came to see that she was a Domme, a sweet, caring dominatrix and I am destined to be her sub. She disciplined me with a small dose of public humiliation from time to time, but I always deserved it. She never needed to have copulation with me, it took me quite a while to be able to give a response other than blissful satisfaction . Then it took a year of her guidance to teach me how to give her any physical pleasure at all. I craved gratification and she understood this, so patiently she taught me how to give her pleasurable foreplay, and it was all I wanted to do, ever!”

Dr. Saurpoose rubbed his eyes and put his glasses back on and chose his next words carefully.
“John, if you do not want this activity to end then why are you here?”

“Because I did not want to admit I would never let this go.”

“So you wish to continue the therapy to see if it can help you resolve this dilemma?”

“I do doctor, if I don’t I will be forced to choose between my family and Annie and I am not ready for that.”

“Very well then, when should I schedule you again?”

“Next Monday or Tuesday”

“How about an 8 o’clock in morning session on Tuesday, I will have coffee available?”

“That will be great doctor.”

With that John and the doctor stood and shook hands and John left the office thinking about the reality he had faced during his session. John now knew he would be leaving home and beginning his life again, this was going to take some time to figure out. John got into his car and went to the office, he had better get some new prospects on the phone and set up some presentations. John had a new tax-free annuity that he wanted to market this week so some of his current clients might be interested in investing some more, and he needed to review his 401k funds. Starting over would not be cheap. Luckily Jon had some out of town clients and he would start there, leaving town for maybe a week would be a good thing if he could drum up the meetings to fill the week, he had best get cracking.

Chapter Two

As luck would have it John set up three appointments, Wednesday in Atlanta, Thursday in Boca Raton and Friday in Jacksonville, Fl. Tax-free was the new trend as incomes had been climbing due to the recession and cash investment accounts now needed to be stashed away securely. Tax free annuities were fixed and had a modest return on investment rate, but once the tax liability was considered it was adequate and the income had amassed when the globe was starving for cash to fuel enterprise and existing operations. John seemed to sell this to himself logically and focused his thoughts there, he would deal with the peripheral later.

John went home and dropped the bomb he was going out of town on Julia who of course, flipped. She called their daughter Cindy who would undoubtedly call his son Robert who would definitely call John and the circle would be complete. John knew no one would be pleased with what he planned to do and that was going to be a necessary evil, he had no alternative short of going insane. John hoped Julia would make it through this, she was not a bad wife and he loved her, but the passion he had for Annie was a new world and he was not going to go back to the old one, life was for the living and live he would do. He would not make any quick moves and would stick to his strategy. John’s income was derivative based and most men at his age would be planning the easy way to live, but he knew he would always support Julia as he had always in the past so it was up to him to feather his new nest, and the next three appointments would initiate that new income stream. In his mind it was as if he was broke, and in some ways he was. Being a millionaire would not be enough any longer, he had to do it again.
The following day he tightened up his current work load and prepared for travel and Tuesday night boarded a plane for Atlanta. He arrived at 9:30 and took a cab to a hotel near his next day’s appointment. John set up his computer and studied the up to date information on the insurance he would try to sell this week and noted the newest rates of sales, it was very popular and there were articles explaining why that he had not yet read. He had decided to skip dinner and wait for breakfast. John knew he could stand to lose ten pounds and there was no better time than immediately so he read until two in the morning and crashed.

During his sleep he dreamt of the last time he had seen Annie and it had been darn near two weeks so his hormone levels were on the rise. Annie had been beautiful and he had behaved so all was great. They made to the “Harem” by one in the morning and it had been a Friday so the place was packed. The club was a three-floored structure, with a luxurious below ground first floor, the second floor, which was the main floor and entry and the third floor. John and Annie were on the third floor. It had a long hall like an office building, but these offices had closed doors and 5 by 10 foot fixed glass observation windows that took up most of the rooms wall that faced the hall. In each room couples were conducting role play and they were always in character. Some of the couples wore sixteenth century Parisian attire and yet others were garbed in modern-day BSDM leather. Some of the couples were trios and foursomes and at the end of the hall was one big room with several windows and a free-for-all party with all sorts of characters mingling and filling the corners lustily acting out their fantasies.

Annie and John went from window to window until they had worked their way to the big room at the end of the hall. They did not go inside but necked outside by the windows and observed the party. John became fixated on a woman performing fellatio on her partner and she was drawing a crowd of onlookers. As John peered through the glass at the woman’s antics and screen of partiers Annie rubbed his leg, then his back as he watched. Annie enjoyed John and his bewilderment at all the actions including his own.

They went back to Annie’s dressing room and turned the lights down low and drank cognac while discussing his arousal. Annie enjoyed watching John squirm and they both knew he would not get that, not when another had initiated the drive, the desire. Annie got up and rubbed his neck and kissed his earlobes and jawline. She worked her way to the front and stopped to sip her snifter of cognac and build his anticipation. John knew exactly what she was up to and he enjoyed the frustration and anticipation as his inner lion roared and drooled. Annie kissed his mouth and sat on his lap and sucked on his finger tips. Soon John began to pant and beg, but she kept her leisurely pace and snickered when he begged shaking her head no slowly with her “You are a bad boy” look in her eyes.

Finally Annie began to squirm a little while sitting on his lap, John wished she would grind and smash his angry male member because he knew where this was going. After about a half-hour or so Annie’s tempo picked up and before it was over she was grinding him to a distant planet in a far away galaxy. John almost swallowed his tongue as he howled his release and Annie smiled her beautiful smile, then John woke up in the Atlanta motel room and had to go to the bathroom and urinate, urgently. After he went to the bathroom he looked at his travelers clock by the hotel bed and it was 7:00 am, his appointment was at one o’clock at a gentleman’s office. Mr. Summerlin was a C.E.O of a private funding group and did not have to spend his evenings in meetings, which was to John’s liking. John knew it was going to be good day.