The fireplace is giving off an amber glow and the warmth touches my skin from across the room. I find myself sitting in my library relaxing on the chaise lounge with a glass of chardonnay and one of the numerous books from my shelves. Dinner is in the oven and I have a couple hours before he comes home. I open my book, an erotic romance novel by my favorite author. I begin to read and the steamy words flow over me like warm bath water. I shift in my chair as the heat of the words has reached my most private area. I take a deep breath and plunge further into the depth of desire.
Although I own an electronic reading device, occasionally I still like the feel of a book in my hands. There is sensuality in holding leather bound pages, the smoothness of the paper as you flip to the next erotic scene. I take a sip of the wine and relax a bit more. The story has taken a dark, seductive turn. The words clench my stomach and my breath ceases for a split second. My hand slips down from my book and rests just above my shaved pink. I roll my neck from side to side and relax further. I keep reading, lost in my own dirty thoughts, my fingers slip beneath my lace panties and find my swollen nub. I prefer his mouth on me, but he isn’t home. My fingers roll over my sensitive spot, back and forth slowly as I continue to read. The book falls against my chest and I am lost in the sensation that runs rampant through my body. My eyes are shut tightly and I moan gently.
I have no idea how much time has passed, I hear a noise. The sound resembles the clink of ice in a glass; my eyes flutter open and I see him sitting in the chair across from me, still in his business suit. He takes the last drink of a single-malt scotch, his legs crossed and staring at me; watching me pleasure myself. I feel a blush reach my cheeks and I pull my hand away. I was so lost in my thoughts, I never heard him come into the room!
“I didn’t hear you come home. You’re home early.”
A smile scrolled across his face. His eyes were dark and brooding.
“I realize you didn’t hear me. I have been sitting here for 10 minutes. Don’t stop on my account. I am enjoying the show.”
My eyes lock with his as my hand slips back down and my fingers find my pleasure and slip in and out slowly. The exhilaration of him watching me was such a turn on.
“Would you like to participate in this show?”
The book slipped to the floor and my free hand slipped under my shirt and found my breast. My nipples are pin-point hard. My eyes close and breaths\ quickens. His voice is closer to me now.
“Open your eyes.”
He stands before me his jacket and shirt thrown to the floor. His chest is glistening with beads of sweat. His arousal is obvious as it strains against the fabric of his pants. I move my hands from my own body and reach for his belt. He steers my hand away.
“Don’t stop; I only wanted you to open your eyes.”
“But I thought…” My voice drifts off as he places a finger to his lips.
“Shhh; continue please.”
Again my hands run down the length of my body. Teasing and tantalizing every inch of skin and my glorious voyeur. I hear his breath catch in his throat. He moves to the foot of the chaise lounge and reaches for my panties. He pulls them off slowly; his hands brush my aching mound, hesitating there for only a moment. My panties are thrown to the floor and this magnificent man kneels on the chaise; he places his hands on the inside of my knees and widens the distance between them. He inhales deeply and a moan escapes his lips.
“I’m going to taste you like you have never been tasted before.”
“Oh please do.”
His head dips and he kisses my lips. His tongue ventures down my chin to my neck. He nuzzles his face between my breasts biting my nipples. I moan as I lay underneath his chiseled body. My fingers entwined in his hair, encourage him to move further down my aching body. He moves slowly down to my abdomen and now has my hands pinned to my sides.
“Oh my God; please.”
“Yes, I will please you, but in time my anxious one. I want to savor you and enjoy what you have started.”
He reaches the apex of my body with his lips. My mind begins to whirl as his tongue flicks lightly against my wetness. His face is now buried into me, working his tongue and lips expertly. I want to scream!
“Ohhh, I can’t wait any longer!”
He lifts his head slightly and grins.
“You don’t have to wait any longer my sweet. Your nectar is intoxicating.”
His head dips again and he continues his assault on my sweet spot. My body begins to shake as he has brought me to my climax.
“Yes, yes! Don’t stop!”
My fists clench at my sides as my arms are still pinned at the wrist by him. My body writhes in ecstasy and I moan loudly. Before my climax peaks he stops, removes his remaining clothes and plunges his swollen manhood into me swift and deep. His body balanced over mine, I wrap my legs around his waist. My arms encircle his neck and I buck against him, meeting each thrust of his with my own.
“Take me; pull me to the edge again and again.”
He places his lips close to my ear and whispers. His voice is ragged and his breath is labored.
“Your wish my dear.”
He slams into me hard; he pummels my body with short quick strokes followed by long, deep lingering ones. His speed and intensity throw me into ecstasy again…and again. His back arches and he stiffens as his body responds to mine and he climaxes with me. I can feel his warm seed spurt into me. Finally, he collapses against me, our sweaty bodies clinging to each other.
“I have to come home early more often my dear. You are full of surprises.”
“Yes, as are you. Dinner will be ready in an hour. Shall we take a shower first?”
“Oh yes, and a repeat performance is at hand.” He grins at me with a twinkle in his eye to boot.
After only a few minutes, I can feel him grow against my thigh. My magnificent lover will ravage my body once again.
My eyes fly open as the sound of my husband’s voice reverberates through the house. I am startled an a bit confused. I sit up and shake my head, attempting clarity.
“Honey, I’m home!”
“I…I’m in the library.”
My voice is a bit shaky. What the hell just happened? My husband walks in and smiles.
“Ahhh, you have been reading her novels again haven’t you? You look a bit disheveled.”
I blush and roll my eyes. Grinning ear to ear, I pick up my book.
“Yeah, she writes some pretty steamy stuff. I must have been daydreaming.”
My husband takes the book from me and reads the chapter I just read. He walks to the kitchen and comes in with a glass of scotch and sits in the chair across from me. He takes a sip and crosses his legs.
“Let’s act this one out. She if she knows what she is writing about.”
I start to giggle like a school girl and lean back on the chaise lounge.
“You are so naughty my husband.”
“I’m not the one who buys her books. But, I will write her a thank you note, if this scenario plays out like I imagine.”
I start to laugh and reach for my panties and stop. I look at him questioning if this is what he really wants. He murmurs only one word…
Did I mention how much I love my library?

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